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"It was over flat lands like this, stretching out to drink the sun, that the larks sang— and one's heart sang there too."
— The Song of the Lark
turkish ladyThe Archives at the Willa Cather Foundation are available for study and use by appointment. Items are made available from the Foundation's own collection and the Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial Collection of the Nebraska State Historical Society.

The archive includes:
  • Over 200 personal letters of Willa Cather
  • Approximately 1900 images (subjects: Willa Cather, Cather family friends, friends of Willa Cather, Red Cloud and Webster County)
  • A vertical file with approximately 425 articles, numerous dissertations and theses, scrapbooks (five containing contemporary articles and reviews)
  • Miscellaneous items: Willa Cather's autograph book, author's copy of April Twilights with reviews, several early manuscripts for poems, genealogy of the Cather Family, Cather Family Collection (books and uncatalogued miscellaneous items), 93 short stories and poems by Willa Cather, and McClure Magazines, 1896-1912
  • Newspapers from Red Cloud (on microfilm)
    • Commercial Advertiser: May 1908 to October 1968 (64 reels)
    • Golden Belt: 1893 to 1896 (1 reel)
    • The Nation: 1892 to 1908 (4 reels)
    • Red Cloud Chief: November 1878 to November 1923 (15 reels)
  • Other Newspapers (on microfilm)
    • Pittsburgh Leader: December 1896 to December 1900 (47 reels)
    • Pittsburgh Gazette: October 1901 to January 1904 (24 reels)
  • Betty Kort Collection
  • The papers of Mildred Bennett
  • "Swedish Mother" Recording