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Collections Policies

Collections Policies


Archival Access Policy

Archival Access Policy
Archival Access Policy

The National Willa Cather Center (NWCC) is committed to providing open access to researchers to our collections as far as possible within the limits of privacy, confidentiality, and preservation. Although many records and manuscript collections are open for use, some materials are subject to access restrictions. The NWCC follows the Guidelines for Access to Original Research Materials, a joint statement of the American Library Association and the Society of American Archivists. Restrictions on access to collections are informed by the need to balance access and confidentiality in records. Often this is stipulated in the terms of the gift agreement governing the donation of the material. Collections that are open to researchers may have restrictions on use due to condition and format and may be subject to copyright law. Individual items within collections may be too fragile to safely handle or may contain confidential information. The NWCC expects researchers to follow relevant laws and shall make research materials in its possession available to researchers with the following stipulations:

  1. A registration form listing rules for usage shall be read, filled out, and signed by all researchers using NWCC materials;
  2. Inventories, finding aids, relevant files, and the assistance of a staff member or trained volunteer shall be available to researchers;
  3. NWCC may limit the use of fragile or unusually valuable materials or choose to provide duplicate work copies only;
  4. Hours of operation may be designated or by appointment, depending on availability of trained staff; blackout periods will apply as determined by the archivist;
  5. Researchers will acknowledge the National Willa Cather Center in all presentations or publications referencing the NWCC collections;
  6. Fees may be charged for research work done to meet requests; the amount shall be determined by NWCC’s Fee Schedule;
  7. The NWCC may refuse access to an individual researcher who has demonstrated carelessness or deliberate destructiveness which might endanger collections;
  8. The NWCC adheres to the Society of American Archivists’ Code of Ethics for Archivists. To ensure that privacy and confidentiality are maintained—particularly for individuals and groups who have had no voice or role in collections’ creation, retention, or public use—researchers who uncover sensitive personal information of living persons in any collection agree to make no notes or other record of privacy protected information, and further agree not to publish, publicize, or disclose such information to any other party for any purpose if found within the collections. The researcher assumes all responsibility for infringement of right to privacy in use of material, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the NWCC;
  9. The NWCC is committed to sharing with the public the results of known research by presenting exhibits, programs, displays, lectures, or creating digital material or publications whenever possible.
  10. Photographs and copies:
    • Request for copies with a notice of copyright restriction must be signed by researchers before copies are made;
    • Copies may not be used “for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research” according to United States Copyright Law, Title 17;
    • Reproduction by the NWCC in no way transfers either copyright or property rights, nor does it constitute permission to publish or display;
    • Prices for copies and digital images shall be determined by the NWCC’s Fee Schedule;
    • In some cases, the NWCC may refuse to allow copies because of the physical condition of the materials, donor restrictions, copyright law, or right-to-privacy statutes.

Approved 8/19/20

Archival Use Policy

Archival Use Policy
Archival Use Policy

Materials in the archives may be used from 9:00 to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; extended research hours are by prior arrangement only. The archives are closed New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The archives are also closed during the Willa Cather Spring Conference and the Willa Cather International Seminar. Advance notice of your visit is requested.

Access to archival materials is granted to researchers according to the following policies:

  1. Researchers will complete the registration form provided;
  2. Only pencils & paper, laptops or tablets are to be used for notes; please no pens!
  3. Researchers are asked to handle papers with clean hands or provided nitrile gloves; please wear nitrile gloves for any objects, and do not remove any document from protective sleeves for any reason;
  4. Limited digital photography is allowed for reference purposes only;
  5. Coats, bags, briefcases, purses, and backpacks must be left in secure lockers;
  6. No food or drinks are allowed in the research area; water in a no-spill cup will be allowed, separate from collection materials; 
  7. Researchers may request several boxes or folders but will be permitted to use them one at a time. Please maintain the existing order of materials;
  8. Materials may not be marked, folded, traced, clipped, or handled so as to cause damage; 
  9. Archival materials must remain in the research area;
  10. Researchers must comply with any restrictions noted on individual items within the collection;
  11. Photocopies, scans, photos, and other reproductions will be made by staff according to our fee schedule;
  12. Any files made available via digital means (Dropbox, etc.) will be view only, for a period of 60 days from the date of access. Access can be renewed by request.

We appreciate your interest in Willa Cather and in our collections in Red Cloud. We are always happy to receive news of your publications and presentations.

Approved 8/14/20

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Fee Schedule

Obtaining Reproductions

You may request photocopies and digital reproductions of materials held at the National Willa Cather Center (NWCC) through the archivist's office, whenever collection materials are not at risk and whenever permitted by United States copyright law. Archive staff will make all such reproductions according to the fee schedule, for private study, scholarship, or research use and may not be transferred to others, further reproduced, or published without the written permission of the National Willa Cather Center and/or the individual or institution that holds copyright. Materials deemed particularly fragile may not be reproducible in all formats. Fees are subject to change, and payment must be received before digital or physical reproductions are released.

Photocopies per page = $0.10
Oversized and color copies per page = $0.25
Digital Reproduction, 300 dpi, (per image) = $15.00
Photographic print, 5 x 7 = $15.00
Photographic print, 8 x 10 = $20.00
Handling charge for all physical copies = $5.00 plus postage
Archivist's research fees = $30/hour

Publishing, Exhibiting, and Broadcasting Collection Materials

Any publication of images from the National Willa Cather Center materials must be approved in writing and may be subject to usage fee. These fees are separate from any fees which might be assigned or assessed by the copyright holder. "Publication" includes print, electronic (online or other media), film, microfilm, or other recorded materials. Permission for image use must be obtained in advance, in writing, from the National Willa Cather Center by completing a Request for Permission to Publish, Exhibit, or Broadcast form. The fees listed below are for non-exclusive use of a single image unless otherwise indicated. They are assessed in addition to reproduction charges (above) and must be paid in advance of publication. Only those images actually used in publication are subject to fees. If a request covers more than one form of publication, the fees are cumulative.

Books: Text Illustration

One time use, one country
2,000 copies or less = $50.00
2,001-10,000 copies = $100.00
10,001 or more copies = $200.00

One time use, worldwide
2,000 copies or less = $75.00
2,001-10,000 copies = $150.00
10,001 or more copies = $250.00

Book Jacket / Cover Illustration

One time use, one country
2,000 copies or less = $150.00
2,001-10,000 = $350.00
10,001 or more copies = $450.00

One time use, worldwide
2,000 copies or less = $200.00
2,001-10,000 copies = $400.00
10,001 or more copies = $500.00

Periodicals: Text Illustration

One time use, one country
Circ. 1,000 or less = no fee
Circ. 1,001-10,000 = $50.00
Circ. 10,001-99,999 = $100.00
Circ. 100,000+ = $200.00

One time use, worldwide
Circ. 1,000 or less = no fee
Circ. 1,001 - 10,000 = $75.00
Circ. 10,001 - 99,999 = $150.00
Circ. 100,000+ = $250.00

Periodicals: Cover Illustration

One time use, one country
Circ. of 1,000 or less = no fee
Circ. 1,001 - 10,000 = $150.00
Circ. 10,001 - 99,999 = $350.00
Circ. 100,000+ = $450.00

One time use, worldwide
Circ. 1,000 or less = no fee
Circ. 1,001 - 10,000 = $200.00
Circ. 10,001 - 99,999 = $400.00
Circ. 100,000+ = $500.00

Other Print Products

calendars, posters, greeting cards, postcards, novelty items, etc.
Print run 1000 or less = $200.00
Print run 1,001 - 9,999 = $300.00
Print run 10,000+ = $500.00

Electronic Formats:

For non-exclusive, one-time single country rights only. For additional rights, contact the archivist's office.

Images for Commercial Use
Websites $200 per image
Broadcast advertising = $1000 per image

Broadcast of Still Images:

One country: = $200.00
Worldwide: = $300.00
Home video distribution: $100 per image in addition to broadcast fees

Feature films use of Still Image:
U.S. Distribution = $700.00
World Distribution = $1,200.00
For home video format, add $100 per image

Translations: Contact the WCF for pricing.
Microforms and Facsimiles: Contact the WCF for pricing.