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"Why, when I was writing about it, it "came right out of the ink bottle."
- Personal interview
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calendar Opera House Event Schedule

The Red Cloud Opera House hosts numerous performances each year. The diverse schedule consists of theatrical plays, concerts, humanities presentations, gallery exhibits, and much more. From professional entertainers to community theatre the Opera House has something for everyone.
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About the Red Cloud Opera House

"When I go about among little Nebraska towns, the thing I miss most is the Opera House." --Willa Cather, Personal Interview Click here to view the Susan Rosowski interview, "Opera's Vibrancy in Red Cloud" Built in 1885, the Red Cloud Opera House figured prominently in the life of author Wi...

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Support the Red Cloud Opera House

"The hall was packed. It seemed as if every one in Moonstone was there, even Mrs. Kohler, in her hood, and old Fritz. The seats were wooden kitchen chairs, numbered, and nailed to long planks which held them together in rows. As the floor was not raised, the chairs were all on the same le...

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Rental Fee Structure Fees are subject to change. Auditorium & Lobby Auditorium and Lobby: 5(Seating limit for the auditorium is #180.) Lobby only: The original wood floors and stage in the auditorium take you back to the 1890s. Gallery (50-100 guests) - 0; (25-50 guests) - ...

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Exhibition Schedule

The Red Cloud Opera House Gallery hosts several exhibitions each year.  From traditional to contemporary, paintings to photograph, children's art to historic humanities exhibits, the gallery schedule offers something for everyone.


Featured Artists

The Red Cloud Opera House has featured many talented artists since its opening in 2003.  The Willa Cather Bookstore is proud to carry beautiful and unique prints and note cards from a few of these artists.  Choose from Willa Cather related scenes to breathtaking Nebraska landscapes and wildlife.



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