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"There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they have never happened before."
- O Pioneers!

The Willa Cather Foundation/Nebraska State Historical Society

It is possible to request photocopies and reproductions of materials held at the Willa Cather Foundation (WCF) when the copies can be produced without any damage to the materials and it is permitted by United States copyright law. Reproductions are made for private study, scholarship, or research use and may not be transferred to others, further reproduced, or published without written permission of the Willa Cather Foundation or from the individual or institution that holds the copyrights.

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The Willa Cather Trust

The rights to Willa Cather's intellectual property are held by the University of Nebraska Foundation, the Willa Cather Foundation, and a member of the Cather family, a partnership collectively known as the Willa Cather Trust. The Willa Cather Trust seeks to effectively manage its assets while simultaneously promoting research, publications, and performances relating to Willa Cather's life and works.

for a permission request concerning Willa Cather's intellectual property.