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The Autobiography of S.S. McClure

The Autobiography of S.S. McClure


University of Nebraska Press
Introduction by Robert Thacker

"If you do not read it you are going to miss a big experience and an enjoyable one. The book is as tonic as a mountain climb, as wholesome, as optimistic, and as genuine." -New York Times

S.S. McClure was one of America's greatest editors and publishers in the lively era of muckraking reform. He is remembered for McClure's Magazine, which early in the twentieth century published the works of famous authors and social reformers. He was also the mentor of young Willa Cather. After leaving her position at McClure's in 1912, Cather ghosted this graceful portrait of her former boss.

Robert Thacker is a professor and director of Canadian Studies at St. Lawrence University. His publications include The Great Prairie Fact and Literary Imagination. Thacker is a member of the Willa Cather Foundation Board of Governors.