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Between the Rockies and a Hard Place

Between the Rockies and a Hard Place


A Drive Along the 100th Meridian from Mexico to Canada

About the Book

When a European sets off to ‘discover’ America, you know what to expect: a coast-to-coast trip comparing New York with California, sprinkled with a few offhand remarks about the fly-over states.  British writer Alan Wilkinson takes a different tack, making for Laredo, Texas, and turning north along the Hundredth Meridian.  His aim? To explore the line that divides two Great Plains cultures of cattle and corn.  Sod-buster to the east, cowboy to the west.

Between the Rockies and a Hard Place runs slap-bang through the geographical centre of the nation, from Mexico to the Canadian line, with barely a stop-light in 2,700 miles.  It’s a journey across vast empty spaces, through the lands settled little more than a century ago; a country of big skies, dusty trails, and one-horse towns where there are more names in the cemetery than in the phone-book.  It’s a place where the past overshadows everything, where the tide of western progress left its human jetsam to face the elements.

Author: Alan Wilkinson

263 pages (Paperback)