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Cather Commemorative Frankoma Plate

Cather Commemorative Frankoma Plate


These Willa Cather Commemorative Frankoma plates are hand-crafted memorials to Nebraska's beloved writer, Willa Cather. A Willa Cather Foundation plow graces the front, along with an image of Cather's signature. The back reads, "preserving the life, time, and works of Willa Cather. Visitors may see many of the places she commemorated in her works."

About Frankoma: Frankoma mines clay from near Sugar Loaf Hill in Oklahoma. The raw terra cotta is sorted and sifted to remove leaves and twigs. Each piece is unique as the special clay is poured or pressed into individual molds. The plates are then air-dried, washed, sanded, smoothed, glazed, and kiln-fired twice. It sometimes takes up to eight artisans to create a single plate. Microwaveable, oven-proof, and dishwasher-safe.