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Collected Short Fiction: 1892 - 1912

Collected Short Fiction: 1892 - 1912


University of Nebraska Press
Edited by Virginia Faulkner with an Introduction by Mildred Bennett - From the Arrangement of the Text

The three volumes of the collection correspond to different phases of the author's professional career. The Volume I stories belong to the years (1906-1912) Willa Cather was on the editorial staff of McClure's in New York; those in Volume II to the 1901-1906 period when she was a Pittsburgh high school teacher. Her years as a journalist in the east (1896-1901) and, before that, in Nebraska are covered by the groups of stories in Volume III. Reverse chronology is strictly maintained in Volumes I and II, but not in Volume II, which is comprised of the seven stories collected by the author in The Troll Garden. Since a chronological arrangement would have destroyed the interweaving pattern Willa Cather intended, these stories are presented here in the same sequence as in her 1905 collection.

A note at the end of each story gives the place and date of first publication; additional bibliographical data and biographical information appear opposite the first text page of each volume and on page 481, between the two groups of stories in Volume III.