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At the Corner of Fantasy and Main: Disneyland, Midlife & Churros

At the Corner of Fantasy and Main: Disneyland, Midlife & Churros


At The Corner of Fantasy and Main is about more than Disneyland, midlife, and churros. It is a collection of poems from noted Nebraska poet, Matt Mason, about how our heart is sometimes more reliable than our memory and how places that are touchstones in our lives stay with us in ways that don’t always seem to make sense. And, well, it’s about Disneyland, midlife, and churros.

About the Author

Author Matt Mason is the Nebraska State Poet and recipient of a Pushcart Prize and several book awards. Through the U.S. State Department, he has run workshops in Botswana, Romania, Nepal, and Belarus. Mason’s work can be found in The New York Times, NPR’s Morning Edition, American Life in Poetry, and a few hundred other journals and anthologies. Matt is based out of Omaha with his wife, the poet Sarah McKinstry-Brown, and daughters Sophia and Lucia.

The Old Mill Press

April 2022

ISBN: 9781735769134

Softbound: 80 pages


"Matt Mason thrives at the crossroads of Disney and Whitman. This is page-turning poetry that is Walt-to-Walt nostalgia sprinkled with cinnamon-sugared fairy dust. At the Corner of Fantasy and Main is an E-ticket ride back to an age of cinnamon sugar-coated vacation fantasies seen through the Viewmaster with a poet’s perspective. You will want to get back in line to ride these poems again and again.”

—Pat Hazell, writer for Seinfeld and host of the podcast Creativity in Captivity

“My greatest joy as an Imagineer was to visit the park and watch our guests interacting with the worlds we created, trying to imagine what they must be feeling. At the Corner of Fantasy and Main is a heartwarming and poignant exploration of those feelings—but not confined just to visits to the Happiest Place on Earth. Matt Mason is visiting our memories of the past as we search for reassurance in the present, all the while reminding us of our childhood dreams for the future…I devoured the contents of this book like Matt devours his beloved churros.”

—Greg Combs, Disney Imagineer: 1990 - 2020

“Mason’s collection on The Happiest Place on Earth is cheeky and devastating, not unlike Walt’s kingdom itself—toads descend into hell around the corner from Sleeping Beauty’s castle; wisecracking skippers giving tours in the shadow of a deadly curse. These are the contradictions and connections wherein this fantastic meditation on family, midlife, magic, and the unknown takes flight…A must-read rumination on dreaming and longing.”

—Tabitha Blankenbiller, author of Eats of Eden