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Fruit Butters

Fruit Butters


True old time fruit butters great on toast, muffins, biscuits and more.  These butters are made by Whitacre Family Orchards in Cross Junction, Virginia just down the road from Willa Cather's Birthplace of Gore, Virginia.  They custom made a batch just for our bookstore for your enjoyment!

About Whitacre Family Orchards:

The Whitacre family orchards began with George S. Whitacre planting the first 40 acres of apples in Western Frederick County, Virginia. Back then, a good harvest would yield three bushel barrels which would be hauled by horse-drawn wagon to a nearby train station. The apples would be loaded onto a train car, and shipped off to different markets, some as far away as England, where York Apples were in large demand. The Whitacre apples became well known because of their unique red coloring, due to the red soil in Frederick County. As their business continues to grow, the Whitacre family remains committed to a quality product in all aspects of their business.

*Flavor of fruit butter may vary. Please make a note in the message field if you have any allergies to nuts.