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Cloverton Cemetery

Cloverton Cemetery

“It was a nice graveyard, Rosicky reflected, sort of snug and homelike, not cramped or mournful,—a big sweep all round it. A man could lie down in the long grass and see the complete arch of the sky over him, hear the wagons go by; in summer the mowing-machine rattled right up to the wire fence. And it was so near home. Over there across the cornstalks his own roof and windmill looked so good to him that he promised himself to mind the Doctor . . . . He was awful fond of his place, he admitted. He wasn't anxious to leave it. And it was a comfort to think that he would never have to go farther than the edge of his own hayfield.”— “Neighbour Rosicky”

East of Bladen lies the Cloverton cemetery, where John and Anna Pavelka, and many in their family, are buried. Anna and John Pavelka are prototypes for Ántonia Shimerda Cuzak and Anton Cuzak of My Antonia and the Rosickys of "Neighbour Rosicky."