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Old Mill Dam

Old Mill Dam

Old Mill Dam was the site of the mill in One of Ours. The mill dam was destroyed in the Republican River flood of 1935.

"The mill road, that led off the highway and down to the river, had pleasant associations for Claude. When he was a youngster, every time his father went to the mill, he begged to go along. He liked the mill and the miller and the miller’s little girl. . . . Best of all he liked going in where the water-wheel hung dripping in its dark cave, and quivering streaks of sunlight came in through the cracks to play on the green slime and the spotted jewel-weed growing in the shale. The mill was a place of sharp contrasts; bright sun and deep shade, roaring sound and heavy, dripping silence. He remembered how astonished he was one day, when he found Mr. Royce in gloves and goggles, cleaning the millstones and discovered what harmless looking things they were." —One of Ours

Old Mill Dam