National Willa Cather Center Scholarship

Due May 1


The purpose of the National Willa Cather Center Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a graduating senior at Red Cloud High School with plans to attend college or enroll in a trade school or apprenticeship program. To be eligible, the recipient:

1. Shall be a graduating senior at Red Cloud High School.

2. Is able to describe their post-graduation plans that may include enrollment in a two or four-year course of study, or enrollment in a trade school or apprenticeship program.

3. Is able to demonstrate active participation in his or her community through extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or other activities that benefit the community through acts of service.

4. Shall submit with their application a brief essay expressing the personal, educational, and professional impact Willa Cather’s legacy and/or the presence of an arts and culture center has had on their life; specifically, applicants shall describe how reading Willa Cather’s writing or touring historic sites connected to Cather’s writing made an impression, or detail the value of living in a rural community in which the Red Cloud Opera House is located.


One $1000 scholarship will be awarded annually.


May 1 annually




Past Winners

2023: Brooks Armstrong, Red Cloud High School

Graduation Robes

Student Scholarships

To further Cather’s legacy and to support the next generation of Cather readers and scholars, the Willa Cather Foundation annually awards a number of scholarships for college-bound students who desire to major in English or history, graduate students presenting on Cather at academic conferences, and educators interested in introducing Cather in the classroom. Please browse the descriptions that follow for more information and to download application forms.