49 Minutes of Fame Artist Profile: Micah Wesley

Artist Testimony

I paint my experience as a tribal member living in urban Oklahoma and the Southwest. I observe art history and indigenous art history of the America’s. My identity was forged from conflict, fear, family, heritage and fragments. Making faster and better decisions in the painting process has helped in my personal life and painting practice. I paint on multiple supports and use acrylic, oil and enamel.

About Micah Wesley

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Micah grew up watching his self-taught painter father, Tillier Wesley, Jr., and listening to the singing of his classically trained mother, Pamela Wesley-Autuabo. He earned his MFA from the University of Oklahoma and BFA from the Institute of American Indian Arts. He is a member of the Mvskoke (Creek) Nation/Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. XMicah is a painter and DJ based in Norman, Oklahoma. Micah’s focus is identity and references of experience. Micah instructs various courses of art history and is a founding member of the Humble collective in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

To learn more about Micah Wesley and his art, visit his website, Facebook, and Instagram pages, and you can find him on Twitch.TV.

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