Educator & Student Opportunities this Spring

Spring is a perfect time to bring students to Webster county to tour Willa Cather sites both in town and in the country. Students reading My Ántonia or learning about Nebraska history will benefit from visiting places featured in their history books or Cather’s famous novel. Educators can find information about school tour itineraries and pricing here.

Providing enrichment opportunities for students is part of the Willa Cather Foundation's mission, and to that end we are circulating an Educator Needs Assessment survey to learn more about how we can better serve teachers and students. If you are a teacher or school administrator, please consider completing the survey.

Finally, the deadline to submit applications for our Ántonia and Antonette Willa Skupa Turner scholarships is Thursday, February 28th. You can find instructions and eligibility information on our website. If you would like to book a school tour, inquire about the educators’ survey, or if you have questions about the upcoming scholarship deadlines, please contact our education coordinator Rachel Olsen at or 402-746-2653.