Friends Issue a Challenge to Preserve Our Past, Pioneer Our Future

Two longtime contributors to the Foundation recently joined forces to issue a challenge to Willa Cather devotees.

The Willa Cather: Preserving our Past, Pioneering our Future Campaign will provide resources critical to preserving the Cather archives and expanding familiarity with the author among Nebraska's school children.

The donors, who both wish to remain anonymous, have offered $20,000 of challenge money to be used to help raise $60,000 of additional annual fund contributions both from new donors and from current donors who increase their pledges. The deadline to meet the challenge is December 31, 2010.

"More than 50,000 people visit the Foundation every year--either in Red Cloud or on-line," said one donor, "If everyone who's been touched by Ms. Cather's work gives just a little, we will be able to do so much."

Monies raised by this appeal will be used to preserve letters, writings and artifacts recently given to the Foundation and to pioneer efforts to expand activities for children.

"Willa Cather left us such great stories about who we are as Americans," said the other donor, "We want to be sure our youngsters read Cather. She has so much to teach us about who we are as a people."

To meet the challenge send your donation marked "challenge" to the Willa Cather Foundation, 413 North Webster Street, Red Cloud, Nebraska, 68970 or click here.