Twilight on the Central Plains

In the Gallery: Art by Scott Kirby

Currently housed in the Red Cloud Opera House Gallery are the original watercolors and drawings of artist, Scott Kirby. These pieces depict the beauty and desolateness of the prairie in Kirby's unique impressionist style. What Willa Cather was able to do with her romantic literary descriptions of the prairie Kirby has captured on canvas with his vivid use of color, line, and perspective.

When Kirby was eight years old he started studying music; with emphasis on the piano. A native of Ohio, Scott graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in English and began his musical career as a street performer in New Orleans. Over the course of four years, Kirby debuted at all of the major ragtime music festivals in the United States, and also performed at festivals in Belguim, France, Norway, New Zealand, and Hungary. 

In addition to recording all of the rags of Scott Joplin, Scott has served as the Musical Director of the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival. He also appeared on CBS's "Sunday Morning" with Charles Osgood at the Smithsonian Museum.

It wasn't until 2005 that Scott took up the visual arts while in France. While overseas he completed "The Prairie Devotionals" along with other paintings and 28 piano compositions. Now residing in Boulder, Colorado, Scott divides his time between performing, composing, painting, and teaching.

This exhibition is on display through September 28th, 2014 with select pieces available for purchase.