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Photography Contest

Photography Contest

Monday, December 1, 2008

Today the Willa Cather Foundation is delighted to announce its involvement in the Heritage Highway photo contest. For those who may be wondering how a photo contest pertains to the work of the Willa Cather Foundation, the byway is a 238-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 136 that cuts right through the heart of Cather country. The fertile farmland, natural prairies, and historical settlements found along the byway are the settings for many of Cather's works. These landscapes will surely set the stage for a vast array of beautiful photographs.

Judging the contest will be Willa Cather Foundation board member, Betty Kort, whose Material Culture exhibit stole the show at the 2007 Spring Conference; Red Cloud native, Jeff Haller, a widely successful photo-journalist; Larry Ferguson, an internationally known photographer whose work has been exhibited in more than 400 galleries and museums throughout the world; and Tony Bonacci, a rising star whose work is highly sought after by some of the most important musicians in Omaha.

To add to the excitement, the photographs will be on display at our very own Opera House during the month of February for physical viewing and voting for a viewer's choice award. The Cather Foundation is excited about the traffic this exhibit will bring through our little town and into our Opera House. Please join us in February to experience what is sure to be a sensational exhibit of our Nebraska countryside, and if you plan to travel U.S. Highway 136 during the coming months, be sure to bring your camera.

To view the contest photographs, click here.