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Portraits of the Sandhills: In Words and Watercolors

Portraits of the Sandhills: In Words and Watercolors


Long ago, they were drifting dunes of sand. Today, stabilizing grasses and underground water beneath the Sandhills provide good pasture for cattle. Schilling traveled the Sandhills to ask the people he met “What keeps you bonded to this remote land where winters can be severe and summers blistering hot?” The answers were common: Family, the beauty of the hills, and the peace and quietness of the land. This pictorial journey contains stories of Sandhill ranchers and residents. Some of these stories are humorous and others poignant, but they all demonstrate the culture of hardworking, independent people who are quick to offer help to neighbors and even strangers when needed.

Author: Richard Schilling

140 pages. Hardcover