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Capital Campaign for the National Willa Cather Center

Capital Campaign for the National Willa Cather Center

In March 2014, we were honored to have Ken Burns help us announce our plans to establish the National Willa Cather Center. Today, the Center is just weeks away from completion.

For a permanent legacy at the National Willa Cather Center, we are pleased to offer a variety of naming opportunities. Support our educational initiatives and help to preserve our priceless collections, while ensuring that your generosity will be recognized for years to come. A range of naming oppor­tu­ni­ties are avail­able for indi­vid­u­als, families, orga­ni­za­tions, and cor­po­ra­tions, enabling donors to aid in the preservation of Cather's leacy at the National Willa Cather Center or to honor and rec­og­nize some­one spe­cial in their lives.

You are invited to make a gift or extend an existing pledge to ready the National Willa Cather Center for its grand opening in 2017. Gifts may be made over a 5 year period and naming and recognition opportunities are available at various giving levels. For more information, please contact Ashley Olson, Executive Director at 866-731-7304 or

Naming and Recognition Opportunities

Naming and Recognition Opportunities
Naming and Recognition Opportunities

Building Naming and Recognition Opportunities

$1,000,000 - The Archives & Library Complex

$500,000 - The Opera House Art Galllery


  • West Lobby Main Entrance
  • Main Archives Room

$300,000 - Archive Reception/Study Room (Reserved)

$250,000 - Loft Apartments (3 Available)


  • East Lobby Main Entrance (Reserved)
  • Classroom (Reserved)
  • Upper West Lobby (Reserved)
  • Green Room (Reserved)
  • Exhibition Room (Reserved)
  • Main Corridor
  • Opera House Main Lobby First Floor (Reserved)
  • Opera House Stage (Reserved)
  • Archive Work Room (Reserved)


  • Bookstore & Gift Shop (Reserved)
  • Archive Reception Desk (Reserved)
  • Auditorium/Green Room Corridor (Reserved)
  • Performer Dressing Room (2 available / 1 reserved)
  • Retail Entrances (3 available / 1 reserved)


  • Reception Desk in Bookstore/Gift Shop (Reserved)
  • Conference Room (Reserved)
  • West Entrance Vestibule (Reserved)
  • Executive Director's Office (Reserved)
  • The Steinway Room
  • South Stairway (Reserved)
  • North Stairway (Reserved)
  • Opera House Elevator (Reserved)
  • West Lobby Elevator (Reserved)

Interior Naming and Furnishing Opportunities


  • Permanent exhibit display case
  • Stenciling in corridor


  • Shelving systems in the archive room
  • Dressing stations in performer dressing room


  • Bookstore/gift shop shelves
  • Storage lockers for the archive study room
  • Projector for classroom


  • Archive study room desks (6 available / 3 reserved)
  • Classroom study desks (10 available)
  • Cocktail tables for vestibule (10 available)
  • Trees for west facade landscaping


  • Planters for west facade landscaping (5 available)
  • Shrubs for west facade landscaping (25 available)

Donor Wall Recongition Opportunities

  • Sustainer: gifts of $10,000 to $24,999
  • Investor: gifts of $5,000 to $9,999
  • Builder: gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

Donor Book Recognition Opportunities

  • Gifts of $25 to $999 will be included in a commemorative donor book.

About the National Willa Cather Center

About the National Willa Cather Center
About the National Willa Cather Center

Cather's literary reputation is unchallenged. To keep pace with the growing interest in her life and work, our facilities must also grow. By undertaking a capital campaign to restore a historically significant building adjacent to our headquarters in the Red Cloud Opera House, we have established the National Willa Cather Center to provide scholars, students, literary enthusiasts, heritage travelers and casual visitors with:

  • a state-of-the-art archive to safely house scores of original documents and objects related to Cather’s life and work
  • study space for visiting scholars
  • A permanent exhbiit, American Bittersweet: The Life & Writing of Willa Cather
  • classroom and multimedia space
  • new backstage facilities for the adjacent Red Cloud Opera House
  • expanded bookstore space
  • street-front retail spaces for commercial tenants
  • three second-floor loft apartments for scholars-in-residence and other visitors