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Willa Cather Foundation - Red Cloud Nebraska (NE)

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Country Tour

Country Tour

The Country Tour highlights twenty historic sites related to the life and writing of Willa Cather. You may schedule a guided tour of these sites by contacting the Willa Cather Foundation, or you may purchase a detailed Country Tour Book for a self-guided tour. On the Country Tour, visitors  drive themselves through roughly fifty miles of the Webster County countryside, including settings from My Ántonia, O Pioneers!, One of Ours, short stories "Neighbour Rosicky" and "Peter," and others, as well as many scenes from Cather's own life—the Cather homesteads and the prairies and river where the Cather children played and explored. Roads are not always passable during inclement weather, so please plan accordingly.

"As I looked about me I felt that the grass was the country, as the water is the sea...and there was so much motion in it, the whole country seemed somehow, to be running." — My Ántonia

guided country tour

Adults: $50.00
Students: (K - 12) - $20.00
Children: (5 & under) - Free

Advance reservations are required and are subject to guide availability. Please schedule your tour by calling Rachel Olsen at (402) 746-2653 or emailing!

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Country Tours Interactive Map
Country Tours Interactive Map
Central to the Scandinavian settlement area, St. Stephenie Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church and the neighboring cemetery are known locally as the Dane Church. During Cather's time in the area...
“But for the piece of rusty stovepipe sticking up through the sod, you could have walked over the roof of Ivar’s dwelling without dreaming that you were near a human habitation. Ivar had lived for...
This road leads to the Divide. This may have been the one Alexandra traveled in O Pioneers! As you travel this road, you will notice the slow, steady climb in elevation. The Divide marks the high...
The Miner Ranch stands near Indian Creek; the Cather and Miner children sometimes played here. On the banks of Indian Creek, Silas Garber and other early settlers decided on the name Red Cloud for...
The island appears in a number of Cather stories. In Lucy Gayheart winter prevails on the island, with black willows, twisted scrub oaks, and the bronze light of a winter sunset. In "The Enchanted...
Marking the corner of this early Red Cloud Cemetery is this collection of graves belonging to the Murphy family. This land was part of the Miner Ranch and was given by J. L. Miner, prototype for...
Old Mill Dam was the site of the mill in One of Ours . The mill dam was destroyed in the Republican River flood of 1935. "The mill road, that led off the highway and down to the river, had pleasant...