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Volume 56.2 Spring 2013

Volume 56.2 Spring 2013

Issue Editors
Ann Romines, The George Washington University
Robert Thacker, St. Lawrence University
Steven Trout, University of South Alabama

CONTENTS: Favorites from Cather's Letters

2 Editors' Note
Editing the Cather Letters
Janis Stout and Andrew Jewell

8 Mariel Gere: August 1, 1893
Performing "Spooniness": Cather to Gere on Pound
Marilee Lindemann

11 Mariel Gere: August 4, 1896
Beginning Again: Willa Cather in Pittsburgh
Kari Ronning

13 Sarah Orne Jewett: December 19 [1908]
Seeking the "Quiet Centre of Life":
Cather Replies to Sarah Orne Jewett
Steven B. Shively

16 Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant: May 21 [1912]
The Arizona Letters
Ann Moseley

18 Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant: April 22 [1913]
A World in Miniature
Guy Reynolds

20 Ferris Greenslet: March 28, 1915
"On the Spot": Willa Cather's Remarkable
Quotation Marks
John Plotz

22 Ferris Greenslet: May 19 [1919]
Heading to Knopf
Robert Thacker

24 Mary Virginia Boak Cather: December 6 [1919]
"Becoming Rather ‘Famous'"
Matthew Lavin

28 Alfred A. Knopf: August 26 [1921]
On the Title for One of Ours
Richard C. Harris

30 Henry Louis Mencken: February 6 [1922]
In Confidence
David Stouck

32 Louise Guerber Burroughs: October 15 [1926]
1926: Blue Eyes on the Platte Enters Gayheartedly
David Porter

33 Dorothy Canfield Fisher: Sunday [ June 14?, 1931]
Sheltering Shadows
John J. Murphy

35 Carrie Miner Sherwood: January 27, 1934
A Picture of a Memory
Susan Naramore Maher

37 James Cather: July 12 [1934?]
"Luck and Success Are Very Different Things":
Lessons from the Bank Vault
Charmion Gustke

38 József Reményi: October 12 [1934]
The Allure of Newfoundland
Mark Madigan

39 Edith Lewis: Sunday 4:30 P.M. [October 5, 1936]
Two Solitudes
Thomas Reese Gallagher

41 Roscoe Cather: June 29, 1938
Cather's Family Values
Sarah Clere

44 Elsie Cather: May 26, 1939
"Goodbye, Dear House"
James Southwick

46 Rose Ackroyd: May 16, 1941
Virginia Memories "Awakened":
The Ackroyd-Cather Letters
Ann Romines

48 Meta Schaper Cather: [1942?]
Short Letter, Big Meaning
Melissa Homestead

50 Virginia, Margaret, and Elizabeth Cather:
September 10, 1945
"Be a Little Prouder": Willa Cather on the Business World
John Cather Ickis

52 Meta Schaper Cather: January 16, 1947
Willa and Meta: Two Friends
Trish Schreiber

53 Bibliography