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Volume 62.2 • Winter 2021

Volume 62.2 • Winter 2021


Highlights of the 2019 Willa Cather International Symposium in Virginia fill the pages of this edition of the Review.

CONTENTS include: 

  • "Black Lives in Sapphira and the Slave Girl: New Perspectives from Archaeology and History"
  • "'As Much a Slave To-day': Freedom’s Reality for the Shenandoah Valley’s African Americans in the Reconstruction Era" • Jonathan A. Noyalas
  • "Setting History Straight: Josephine School Community Museum and Sapphira and the Slave Girl" • Adeela Al-Khalili 
  • "Willa Cather and Enslaved Life in the Shenandoah Valley" • Matthew C. Greer 
  • "Willa Cather’s Virginia" • Ann Romines 
  • "Wee Winkie Goes to Washington: Cather’s Early Impressions of the Nation’s Capital" • Timothy W. Bintrim 
  • "Songs and Sapphira: An Interview with Barbara Davis" • Barbara Davis and Ann Romines 
  • "My Life, My Story, and Who I Am" • Yicel Hernandez 
  • "Selections from the Newly Acquired David Porter Willa Cather Collection" • Robert Thacker 
  • "A Lost Painting: Nancy’s Return" • John Jacobs 
  • "Writing, Revising, and Promoting The Professor’s House: New Evidence of Willa Cather at Work" • Melissa J. Homestead 
  • "In Memoriam: Laurie Smith Camp" • Glenda Pierce