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We have an Amazon Wish List!

We have an Amazon Wish List!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Ask anyone who works at the Willa Cather Foundation (WCF) what his/her favorite part of the work is, and s/he will say that it’s the relationships we get to build with people throughout the year. Whether it’s an event attendee, scholar or a casual fan, social media visitor, or someone who just happens to be passing through, it's humbling to know that so many people support our mission to promote Cather’s legacy through education, historic preservation, and the arts.

This relationship with supporters is just one of the reasons we’re extremely careful and thoughtful about how we allocate funds to meet the Foundation’s needs. Like everyone, though, we have a long wish list of items that fall under the category of “wants” versus “needs.” That’s where the WCF’s Amazon Wish List comes in! For the first time, we’re reaching out to supporters who may be looking for a fun new way to support us. Our wish list is filled with a variety of items that aren’t necessities, but would make our work so much easier. Items range from small inexpensive ones, to an $8,000 ice machine for Red Cloud Opera House concessions. It is, after all, a WISH list!

The Willa Cather Foundation is profoundly grateful to everyone who supports us, and the many ways they do so. Willa Cather wrote “When people ask me if it has been a hard or easy road, I always answer with the same quotation, the end is nothing, the road is all.” Thank you for walking this road with us!

The Willa Cather Foundation’s Wish List can be found on Click on “Your Lists” and “Find a Wish List or Registry” on the drop-down menu. Type in “Willa Cather Foundation” to access the list.