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At Willa Cather's Tables: The Cather Foundation Cookbook

At Willa Cather's Tables: The Cather Foundation Cookbook

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frozen plum pudding, anyone? Perhaps a French onion soup in which "there are nearly a thousand years of history"? Or some Swedish heirloom cookies? These and countless other tantalizing edibles can be found in the brand new cookbook from the Willa Cather Foundation, available here.
"Preparation of food is one of the most important things in life," said Cather, who loved the arts of the kitchen and the pleasures of the table. In both her life and work, she maintained a lifelong commitment to good cooking as a source of nourishment and pleasure. We have tried to capture that commitment, and that pleasure, in the pages of our new cookbook.

Edited by Cather scholar Ann Romines, the sumptuous new book lets you experience and enjoy (and cook!) recipes from Cather's work, from her family and friends, and from the many places that were meaningful to her. An extensive final section includes dozens of recipes from the Foundation's special events and from loyal friends and volunteers.

Order your copy today. Click on the "featured item" from our home page, or navigate to the book via "Books About Cather" at the online bookstore. You may also order the book by phone by calling 1.866.731.7304.