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Willa Cather Review

Willa Cather Review

Three times a year, the Willa Cather Review offers a unique combination of original writing focused on Cather, her influences and times, and most especially the pleasures of her artistry; on new Cather-connected discoveries appearing with increasing frequency, and on news of activities of the Willa Cather Foundation in Red Cloud and elsewhere.  The journal is intended  for scholars and general readers alike, and writing is academic but accessible, timely, and new.  It is complemented with well-chosen color illustrations that always extend readers’ knowledge and illumination.

A subscription to the Willa Cather Review is a benefit of Willa Cather Foundation membership. Annual membership rates begin as low as $30 for students and are $50 for a general membership. Join today to subscribe to the publication or purchase past issues from our bookstore.

Volume 52.2- Fall 2008

Volume 52.1- Spring 2008

Volume 51.3- Winter 2008

Volume 51.2- Fall 2007

Volume 51.1- Spring 2007

Volume 50.3- Winter 2007

Volume 50.2- Fall 2006

Volume 50.1- Summer 2006

Volume 49.3- Winter-Spring 2006

Volume 49.2- Fall 2005

Volume 49.1- Summer 2005

Volume 48.3- Winter-Spring 2005