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Willa Cather Review Vol 59 No. 3

Willa Cather Review Vol 59 No. 3


In this publication:

  • Highlights from the 2016 Passing Show, “Decades Since Our Doughboy: One of Ours and the War Years” Julie Olin-Ammentorp, Daniel Clayton, Max Frazier, Andrew Jewell, and Richard C. Harris
  • The Great War: 1914−1918 z Richard C. Harris
  • “The Mirror of the World’s Events”: World War I, One of Ours and the Omaha Bee Kelsey Squire
  • Willa Cather’s Shifting Perspectives on the Great War Andrew Jewell
  • Cather’s “Doomed” Novel: One of Ours and the Chivalric Tradition Richard C. Harris
  • The Cost of Cheese and the Hapless Sergeant Hicks: Measures of Value in One of Ours Elaine Smith
  • World War I, Anti-German Hysteria, the “Spanish” Flu, and My Ántonia, 1917–1919 Charles Johanningsmeier
  • War’s a Farmers’ Game: My Ántonia, Tractors, and Tanks Jessica Hellmann
  • No Man’s Land: The Created Landscapes of West and Cather Tracy Sanford Tucker
  • The Meaning of Names in Red Cloud Becky Faber
  • Remembering Elsa Nettels (1931−2016) Julie Olin-Ammentorp
  • Popular Music of the Great War