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Willa Cather Review Vol. 60, No 3

Willa Cather Review Vol. 60, No 3


In this issue:

1 Letters from the Executive Director, the President and the Editor

2 Sharing Ántonia: A Granddaughter’s Purpose by Tracy Sanford Tucker & Daryl W. Palmer

10 Nebraska, France, Bohemia: “What a Little Circle Man’s Experience Is”  by Stéphanie Durrans

10 Walking into My Ántonia  by Betty Kort

11 Talking Ántonia by Marilee Lindemann

12 Farms and Wilderness . . . and Family by Aisling McDermott

13 Cather in the Classroom by William Anderson

14 Each Time, Something New to Love by Trish Schreiber

14 Our Reflections on My Ántonia: A Family Perspective by John Cather Icki & Margaret Ickis Fernbacher

15 Looking Back at My Ántonia by Sharon O’Brien

16 My Ántonia and the Power of Place by Jarrod McCartney

17 My Ántonia, the Scholarly Edition, and Me by Kari A. Ronning

18 Venus Lived Here by Thomas Reese Gallagher

19 An Association of Forty+ Years by Virgil and Dolores Albertini

20 Cather’s Lament by Joseph Urgo

20 Reading My Ántonia Gave My Life a New Roadmap by Nancy Selvaggio Picchi

22 My Grandmother—My Ántonia byKent Pavelka

23 Growing Up with My Ántonia by Fritz Mountford

24 My Ántonia, My Grandparents, and Me by Ashley Nolan Olson

24 Reflection on My Ántonia by Ann M. Ryan

25 Red Cloud, Then and Now by Amy Springer

26 Libby Larsen’s My Ántonia (2000) by Jane Dressler

27 How I Met Willa Cather and Her My Ántonia by Petr Just

28 An Immigrant on Immigrants by Richard Norton Smith

29 My Two Ántonias by Evelyn Funda

30 Pioneer Days in Webster County by Priscilla Hollingshead

31 Growing Up in the World of Willa Cather by Kay Hunter Stahly

32 “Selah” by Kirsten Frazelle

33 Our Ántonia by Sallie Ketcham

33 What My Ántonia Has Meant to Me by Janis Stout

34 Three Keys to America by Oleg Bondarenko

35 Splendor by Mary Pipher