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Volume 55, No. 3

Volume 55, No. 3


Issue Editor: Steven Trout
Co-Editor: Hannah Bruner
Managing Editor: Thomas Reese Gallagher
Copy Editors: Virgil Albertini and Dolores Albertini
Design: Bunny Zaruba Design

TITLE: Recomposing Nineteenth-Century Nebraska: Red Cloud Newspapers and Cather's "Hired Girls" in My Antonia
Page: 2
AUTHOR: Daryl W. Palmer

TITLE: Beulah Land: Re-Considering the Ending of O' Pioneers!
Page: 10
AUTHOR: Steven B. Shively

TITLE: J. Hyatt Dowing's A prayer for Tomorrow: Cather's A Lost Lady, Dokota Style
Page: 17
AUTHOR: Mary Ruth Ryder