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Teaching the Works of Willa Cather

Teaching the Works of Willa Cather


Teaching the Works of Willa Cather presents 19 essays that will engage university, college, and secondary school teachers because of their creativity, thoroughness, and range in offering methods for teaching the short stories and novels of Willa Cather, surely one of the most enduring American writers. The primary purpose of this book is to promote and improve the teaching of Cather's works while stimulating additional new pedagogical approaches.

This collection begins with an essay by Susan J. Rosowski, to whose memory the volume is dedicated. Her essay on teaching Cather's My Ántonia is an example of her teaching excellence and her ability to blend scholarship and teaching. Susan Rosowski's influence on this book is extensive; she directed the graduate programs of several of the contributors and was a colleague and friend of most of them. Her legacy of Cather scholarship continues to inspire and inform virtually all those who teach Cather's work.

This first section of essays in this book-- Teaching Cather: Specific Texts-- offers innovative and detailed studies for teaching some of Cather's most commonly taught novels and short stories. The six essays in part two - Teaching Cather: Cather and Other Writers- explore connections between Cather and other writers while suggesting ways to include Cather's work in a wide range of settings from the medical humanities to tribal college to a high school for aspiring performers.

About the Editors

Virgil Albertini, Distinguished Emeritus Professor of English at Northwest Missouri State University, has authored critical works on Cather and the literature of American realism. With Dolores Albertini, he wrote Towers in the Northwest: A History of Northwest Missouri State University, 1956-1980. He has published many bibliographic works on Cather.

Steven B. Shively is Assistant Professor of English at Utah State University, where he teaches courses in English education and American literature. He has published articles on Cather and other Great Plains writers.

Together, they are co-founders and co-editors of Teaching Cather, a semi-annual journal dedicated to promoting and improving the teaching of Cather's works. They are both active members of the Board of Governors of the Willa Cather Foundation